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What's in the Studio

  • Fully equipped control room and separate voice booth - both air-conditioned

  • Yamaha DM1000 Digital Mixer with Multichannel recording facilities

  • SADiE 5 digital editing system with Hardware Controllers

  • Telephone Balance Unit for remote session monitoring, production and voice recording

  • Microphones include Neumann TLM 193, Audio Technica 4033 and a range of vintage mic's

  • ISDN Codec for connectivity worldwide (compatible with G722, CDQ, mpeg layer 2 and APTX)

  • Mastering to: CD, DVD, DAT, MiniDisc, USB, WAV, AIFF, MP3

  • Dubbing from DAT, MiniDisc, VHS, CD, DVD, Vinyl, USB and Flash Cards

  • FTP delivery

  • All sessions recorded on the premises are archived, duplications available on request